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Coleman manufactures tents, sleeping bags, lanterns and a wide variety of quality camping equipment. The following online retailers are nine of the top sites that carry Coleman gear. offers a terrific selection of outdoor recreational and camping equipment, including Coleman sleeping bags, stoves and cooking accessories.
Coleman camping equipment and more

Bass Pro (Outdoors Online)
Well-known fishing, hunting and camping store carries Coleman lanterns, stoves and tents.
Coleman lanterns, stoves and tents

Catalog and online retailer carries Coleman flashlights, tents and sleeping bags.

Online version of the classic outdoor gear retailer. They stock stoves and cooking accessories from Coleman, as well as tents and lighting.
REI for Coleman Gear

Sports Authority
One of the most popular sports equipment sites has lots of outdoor recreational gear as well as Coleman sleeping bags.
Coleman sleeping bags and more

Camping and outdoor equipment

If you really wanna save some money on Coleman products, try buying at eBay. They have a wide selection of used and new gear. If you haven't tried it yet, you should go visit them (it's fast, easy and free). Find out more.


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